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URL Parameters


There are a lot of options to configure the feature set and behavior during player initialization. The player looks for URL query parameters included in the src of the Player iframe to set these prefences to the whole playback session.


This example shows an iframe in which the player would hide the title bar, the LIVE badge and the viewer numbers from viewers:

<iframe id="PlayerIframe" src="" width="640" height="480" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen referrerpolicy="no-referrer-when-downgrade"></iframe>

URL parameters to change the behavior of the Player

The default behavior of the player can be modified by extending the src URL with any of the following parameters:

allowfullscreenEnables full-screen. False value makes the full-screen button inactive.true/falsetrue
api-target-originOrigin of the page where player api is included. Use encodeURIComponent to URL encode origin. This parameter is only required in case of SSO authentication.URL encoded origin e.g. output of encodeURIComponent('')N/A
autoplayStarts video playback automatically. Browser settings are stronger and may override the value of this parameter.true/falsefalse
controlsWhen set to false it hides all UI elements.true/falsetrue
forced-qualityTurns off the automatic quality selection and selects the appropriate quality. Low is the smallest available quality, high is the largest and med is the middlemost choice.low, med, highN/A
initial-qualitySets the initial quality for the automatic quality selection. The quality selection logic is still turned on and can switch to another quality after playback is started.low, med, highN/A
showtitleShows title and viewer count information inside the player area.true/falsetrue
showtheatreShows the Theater button in an embedded player. Only works with the sidebar, used internally.true/falsefalse
showpopoutShows the Popout button in the control bar. Viewers can view the player in a browser popout window.true/falsefalse
volumeSet volume for playback as a percentage of the max volume. Overrides the default volume (100).0-100100
slideShowSpeedSet the duration (in seconds) an off-air image is shown if an off-air image slideshow is set for a channel.1,2,3,…5

Hide individual UI elements with URL parameters

Many UI elements on the player can be hidden from viewers by using URL parameters. These parameters do not need values to work.

hideAudioSwitchHides the audio selector icon of multi-language videos
hidePlayScreenHides the play screen after initial player load (does not cause autoplay)
hideCaptionSearchHides the magnifying glass icon for Speach Search in Videos with CC
hideChaptersHides the Chapter Selector panel icon and the Chapter Markings from the seekbar
hideCustomLogoHides the uploaded Custom Branding Logo from the player
hideCTADisables CTA overlays. Rely on the liveCtaUpdate event to trigger your own CTA.
hideLogoHides the IBM logo from the player
hideShareHides the Share icon from the player
hideFacebookHides the Facebook option from the Share menu
hideTwitterHides the Twitter option from the Share menu
hideCopyLinkHides the “Copy Link” option from the Share menu
hideEmbedCodeHides the “Embed Code” option from the Share menu
hideCCHides the CC selector icon from the player controls (does not affect displaying CC set to appear by default)
hideTitleHides the broadcast/channel title from the top of the player
hideViewerNumbersHides the display of the current and total viewership from the top of the player
hideLiveBadgeHides the “LIVE” badge from the player
hideReplayBadgeHides the “REPLAY” badge from the player
hideFullscreenHides the full-screen icon from the controls
hidePlaybackSpeedHides the playback speed icon from the controls
hideSeekbarHides the seekbar from video controls, viewers can not seek in videos but can pause/play and control other features