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Custom UI

This example demonstrates how you can build a custom UI based on our API calls.

There are some important technical information about a custom UI implementation:

  • there is no progress event from the player, so you should query the progress periodically (using the playing event to disable unnecessary querying will increase performance)
  • progress and duration is in seconds, so every percentage related progress data (like a seekbar) should be calculated from this two data
  • if you would like to build a full custom UI on the player, use the controls=false&showtitle=false URL params to hide the default IBM Video Streaming UI components
  • autoplay permission must be delegated on cross-origin iframes since Chrome 66 for video elements by policy. Therefore, the iframe tag must contain an allow="autoplay" feature policy attribute to allow play calls from a cross-orgin parent to the player iframe. For more information visit


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