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Download your videos

Get video download URL

Returns information on the downloadable version of the video.


The {video_format} can be mp4 or flv.


This request has no parameters.

Success response

Upon success a response with HTTP status “200 OK” is returned with the following key-value pairs under a downloadable key.

statusstringState of the downloadable video. Possible values: available if the video is ready to download; unavailable if the downloadable version is not (yet) available; pending if the process of generation downloadable version is in progress
download_urlstringThe video download URL. (Value is null if the downloadable version is not available.)
expires_atnumberDate and time when the downloadable version will expire (Unix timestamp)

Example of a success response:

"downloadable": {
"status": "available",
"download_url": "https://download.domain/example_download_path?download_parameters",
"expires_at": 1471363639

Error responses

Possible error responses:

401 UnauthorizedThe provided access token is missing, revoked, expired or malformed
404 Not Foundnot_foundVideo was not found
503 Service UnavailableThere is a temporary error on the server which makes it impossible to serve the request

Requesting a downloadable version of a video

The downloadable version of a video is not always available, and you have to request us to generate a temporary video file for download. The workflow is the following:

  1. Use this call to request a downloadable file.
  2. Poll the same API resource for status updates.
  3. Use the value of the download_url property as soon as it is available.

You have 24 hours to download the video file after it becomes available. Please refer to the property expires_at for the proper timing.


The {video_format} can be mp4 or flv.

If everything works as expected, you’ll instantly get the same response format as the GET version provides, but the property status will be pending or available.