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Multi-quality streaming

Set multi-quality streaming

By turning this feature on your stream will be transcoded into several versions with different quality settings. For example, a high definition video might have a 720p, 480p and 240p versions created. These can then be used for adaptive bitrate delivery or by allowing the viewer to select a desired quality manually.



The parameter for the PUT request:

valuebooleanREQUIREDEnable multi-quality streaming on channel when value is true. Disable multi-quality streaming on channel when value is false.

Success response

Upon success a response with HTTP status “200 OK” is returned.

Error responses

Possible error responses:

400 Bad Requestinput_valueThe specified value is invalid or unsupported.
401 Unauthorizedinvalid_tokenThe provided access token is missing, revoked, expired or malformed
402 Payment Requiredinvalid_requestThe user does not have the benefit
403 Forbiddenlack_of_ownershipThe API user is not allowed to manage the given channel
404 Not Foundnot_foundChannel was not found
503 Service UnavailableThere is a temporary error on the server which makes it impossible to serve the request