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Organization API - Getting Started


The Organization API allows the management of various aspects of an Organization.

Every API call need a token associated with a user with Organization administrator access level.

There are four groups of calls under the API:

  • Organization Settings: lists Organizations and allows the changing an Organization’s name
  • SSO Settings: used to configure the account’s SSO login settings under the Organization. Currently two types of SSO providers are supported: Google Apps and SAML based
  • Administrators: used to manage the Administrators and their Permissions
  • Custom Roles: Other than the built-in roles like Organization Administrator and Channel Administrator you can create Custom Roles and associate permissions to them

How Organizations, accounts and Channels relate to each other

On IBM Video Streaming a Channel is a container for videos. You can upload videos to a Channel or start a broadcast on it.

An Account is a set of Channels, and it is associated with a Subscription which makes it easier to measure usages of IBM Video Streaming’s resources.

An Organization is basically a set of Accounts which makes it easier for a larger company or organization with multiple Accounts to manage users and their permissions.


On IBM Video Streaming there are a couple of predefined Roles.

Organization AdministratorCan manage settings and content of an Organization (SSO Settings, administrators, accounts, Channels and videos). You can think an Organization administrator as a “Superuser” in the Organization
Account AdministratorCan manage every settings and content of an account and the Channels and Videos under it
Channel AdministratorCan manage every settings and content of a Channel and the videos under it

Other than the predefined Roles you can create your own to fine tune the Permissions of Administrators in your Organization. Make sure you read the Create a custom role page for further details.