Player SDK for tvOS - Changelog


1.4 - 2017-10-26


  • USPrebufferingController to support faster playback start.
  • USMediaDescriptor to represent a playable content.
  • - (void)playMedia:(USMediaDescriptor *)mediaDescriptor added to USUstreamPlayer.
  • Added new property broadcastStartDate and delegate method playerBroadcastStartDateDidChange: for reporting the start date of live broadcasts.


  • - (void)playChannel:(NSString *)channelId deprecated in USUstreamPlayer in favor of - (void)playMedia:(USMediaDescriptor *)mediaDescriptor.
  • - (void)playRecorded:(NSString *)recordedId deprecated in USUstreamPlayer in favor of - (void)playMedia:(USMediaDescriptor *)mediaDescriptor.
  • Improved the quality of stream versions targeted for low bandwidth networks.
  • Starting playback with a stream version that fits better to network conditions.
  • We fixed a bug related to subtitle handling.