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Create credentials

After logging into your account, find the API/SDK access option under the Integration & apps menu item.

Under the Mobile Player SDK section, click on Create credentials.

Create credentials step

Select Google cast from the Platform options. Fill out Application name with your prefered name. Fill out Application ID with the identifier of your Google Cast Application. You can register a new Application here.

Configure application name and ID

After hitting Save you’ll see your generated SDK key. Click on Download Google Cast Receiver SDK to download the archive.

Download archive

Contents of the archive

The downloaded archive is a reference implementation of a Google Cast Styled Media Receiver, and has the following content:

  • receiver.html Includes SDKs, styles and fonts. Configures the Google Cast Receiver SDK.
  • css
    • receiver.css Specifies variables used to customize the cast receiver’s UI.
  • static Assets referenced from receiver.css.

Configure the SDK

Unzip the archive. Edit the receiver.html file, and replace applicationId and sdkKey with corresponding values from the dashboard.

const config = {
applicationId: '<your-application-id>',
sdkKey: '<your-sdk-key>',
new IBMVideoStreaming.CastPlayer(config);

Serve the contents of the directory on a publicly accessible web server of your choice or upload it to a CDN.

High level architecture

Your Google Cast Application needs to know where to look for the resources of the customized receiver.

The receiver SDK is ready to be used. Continue with customizing the receiver or set up the Player SDK for Android to be able to cast content and control the receiver.

Next steps