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Migration Guide

Certain SDK versions differ in significant ways, this section aims to help you with the migration between these versions.

Migrating from 1.5.0 to 2.0.0

The 2.0.0 version of the Player SDK contains many elements that have changed on the user facing API. There were renames, moves, removals and additions of new API elements.

Importing the SDK

Both the Maven group and Maven artifact names have changed for the SDK. The previous tv.ustream.player group is now for every Player SDK library. The artifact names have also been streamlined.

Thus the following changes need to be applied in your build.gradle file:

Component \ Version1.
Core Android
Ads Plugintv.ustream.player:ibm-player-sdk-android-plugin-ads-external:1.5.+No longer supported, library removed, please remove from dependencies
Google Cast PlayerNot

Please note that the Ads plugin is no longer supported and we have removed it from version 2.0.0 of the SDK. Also note that the new SDK version brings Google Cast support as a separate optional component for you to use.

Dealing with package moves/renames

Quite literally all of the SDK classes have been moved to new packages in order to streamline them. This can be intimidating at first, as all of you SDK class imports are now broken. But bear with us, this is easier to solve than it looks. After you’ve set up you new dependencies inside your build.gradle file then follow these simple steps:

  1. Sync the changes using Gradle
  2. Go to the source files in which you use the IBM Player SDK
  3. Delete the now unknown, old, “red” imports of SDK classes
  4. Then you can just auto-import the files again with the help of your IDE.
  5. When all seems good try and build your project
  6. If it fails it will tell you exactly where the problem is. Go back to step 2. Repeat until it compiles.

To give you some deeper insight into the changes, in general only the top-level packages have changed. Meaning that tv.ustream.* (or ibm.playersdk.ui.* in case of UI components) have changed to*. The inner structure stayed the same as it was in case of the core components, however there were restructures & simplifications in case of the UI components library.

API class renames

Some API classes had to be renamed in the SDK and some functionality had to be refactored slightly for flexibility. Unfortunately the IDE can not automatically resolve this, but you can use the handy table below as a guide.

Component \ Version1.
Core Android playerUstreamPlayerFactoryPlayerFactory
Core Android playerUstreamPlayerPlayerManaging the MediaPlayerModule is removed from the interface’s responsibility.
Core Android playerUstreamPlayerModuleAwarePlayerManaging the MediaPlayerModule is moved here.
UI ComponentsSimpleErrorListenerNoOpErrorListenerTo better reflect what it does.