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Getting Started


The IBM Video Streaming Player SDK lets you play IBM Video Streaming live and recorded videos in your native applications. Using the native SDK gives you full control over the video player, including a customizable native user interface, callbacks on status changes, and more.

This document describes the basic steps to make a mobile app using the IBM Video Streaming Player SDK for Android.

Before you begin

To our clients using a regional cluster - please contact us for information on SDK support.

Account prerequisites

Please note that document assumes the following:

  • You have a registered user at
  • Your IBM Video Streaming user is entitled to use the IBM Video Streaming Player SDK specifically. To verify this, log in to Dashboard, and check “API/SDK access” under the “Integrations & Apps” section.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Development prerequisites


We recommend using Android Studio v3.4.0 (or newer) for development.

Build system

The IBM Video Streaming Player SDK uses the Gradle build system, and it is deployed as an AAR file. The sample application also uses Gradle, you can build it using the provided gradle wrapper: gradlew

Android API level

The supported minimum API level is 16 (Android version 4.1)