Responsive embed example

Follow these steps to create a responsive embed

  • Insert the player embed code into an HTML page
  • Set the iframe tag's width and height attributes to 100% inside of the embed code
  • Change iframe tag's CSS position parameter to 'absolute' and set the left and top css parameters to '0' if needed
  • Add a div container around the iframe tag with the following css parameters where 'padding-bottom' parameter's value is calculated from the original proportions of the embedded content (eg. 9/16 = 0.5625)
<div id="Container"
	style="padding-bottom:56.25%; position:relative; display:block; width: 100%">
	<iframe id="UstreamIframe"
		width="100%" height="100%"
		style="position:absolute; top:0; left: 0"></iframe>

Please resize your browser's window to see the responsive states in action.